Ordinul Negru presents a new song: Sorcery of Darkness Thursday, 30 April

Ordinul Negru release a song, which will appear on the new album \\\"Sorcery of Darkness\\\". The album will be released some time this fall.
“Sorcery of Darkness” is the title track of the new album, which constitutes a different approach than this
musical project accustomed its audience. The raw, primeval and abrasive sound was replaced by a
more daring and modern approach, although trying to keep a spontaneous expression without exagerate editting and
Peculiar to modern productions, we preffered to let the music breathe and to express a certain dynamism.
At the time, Ordinul Negru plans to play their first live shows in order to promote the new album, but further details
will be announced very soon, everything taking its natural course until we decide that the right time to express it has come.

Cursed Cemetery - Chambers of Exile Thursday, 27 November

Imagine Julee Cruise doing vocals for Aluk Todolo, Bong or Ufomammut…this is the strange combination that emerged on the third opus from Cursed Cemetery. As the sound shifted from noise/drone black metal towards more weird experimentation including psychedelic, kraut rock and ambient, resulting an unique combination…Hex Lecter decided to step out from the project for a while, so Fulmineos and Ulfur decided for a new approach.

The collaboration with Alteea (previously sang in Fogland and Ultima Candela…) began as an experiment while talking with Fulmineos for a new collaboration in another project, so it was an idea, she came in Timisoara we rented a studio and we recorded different layers; the instrumental was recorded previously at Ulfur’s cabin in Retezat Mountains during several jams in the summer of 2013.

The five songs are like five moments/symbols that are trying to express different s...

Ultima Candela...- Departe in suflete de brad Monday, 08 September

This material recorded in 2008 as a small ep finally saw the light of the day now because it was a part of a cycle in all those years, as Fulmineos recorded Ultima Candela…materials in a short period of time and since then there were no new songs and no new plans to continue/develop the project. It could be the last material of this project or not…it depends on the inspiration and the desire of expression.

Katharos XIII is prepearing a new album Thursday, 08 May

We have never been a high-profile and communicative band, still we decided to give some information upon our newest plans. Our second album is in the process of making for almost two years now, it is a slow process because we want everything to be as we want and because we decided that our drummer Sabbat (who is involved in this project from 2011-another “news” that we didn’t reveal to the audience-) has the skills and the technical means to work and produce this record.
It will be a material that will continue and progress in what we have done until now, its title is “Negativity”, a development into our world, and expect as always no connection with the real “industry” or/and musical scene.

Argus Megere has a new bass player Thursday, 08 May

Our long-time friend and bass player Izual, decided to involve into other more personal projects, so he has no longer the time and capability to participate to our further plans. We wish him all the best and we thank him for all his dedication in almost a decade into Argus Megere. Maybe in the future our paths will cross again.

Urmuz is our new member, he is a musician who plays also in Syn Ze Sase Tri and Nocturn and also played in the past in Vokodlok.